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At Texas Professional Hearing Center, our certified audiologist will help you protect your hearing by diagnosing the problem early on. With 33 years of experience, we guarantee excellent customer experience.

Consider These Tips if You're Unsure

  • "Do I often ask others "What?" or to repeat themselves? Do I turn up the TV or radio louder than it is comfortable to others?
  • When hearing loss goes untreated, your whole quality of life can suffer
  • Hearing loss can unfairly strain once-strong relationships
  • You can take steps to improve your hearing by visiting a professional audiologist
Hearing Test

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there a charge for the hearing test?
For our patients' benefit, we accept many insurance plans. The other insurance regulations prohibit us from providing free services to some patients and billing insurance for others.
Can I try hearing aids before purchasing?
Yes! Ask about our in-office demonstration and two-week, risk-free, try-before-you-buy policy!

Can I save money by purchasing hearing aids online?
Be careful when purchasing hearing aids online or via mail order. By working with an audiologist, you are getting professional expertise and service, including a thorough evaluation, accurate and precise hearing aid fitting, referral for medical treatment if and when necessary, one-on-one instruction on how to use the hearing aid, follow-up care and support, repair services, and rehabilitation services.
Can a hearing aid further damage my hearing?
A properly fitted hearing aid will not damage your hearing. This is why it is essential to consult an audiologist with the experience and education to provide you with a properly verified hearing aid fitting.
Why do I need two hearing aids versus one hearing aid?
People normally hear with two ears. Binaural hearing helps us localize sound, assists us in noisy settings and provides us with natural sound quality. Most people with hearing loss in both ears benefit with two hearing aids versus one hearing aid and can understand better.
How do I determine which style hearing aid is best for me?
There are several styles of hearing aids, and the hearing aid that your friend wears may not be the best for you. What is most important is that you purchase a hearing aid that accommodates your hearing loss and your hearing needs. During your hearing aid consultation, the audiologist will review various hearing aid styles and recommend the best one for your hearing loss.
How much do hearing aids cost?
Hearing aids can range in price from $3000 to $5300 per pair, depending on the level of technology. Premium hearing aids cost more but deliver premium sound quality and automatic function for different listening environments. Some hearing aids have optional accessories such as remote controls, Bluetooth devices, and more. Your insurance plan may offer a hearing aid benefit, and we are happy to verify your benefits for you.
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